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Originally Posted by Southern Heritage View Post
Well I'f I understand this right you plan on not having employes. So let me ask you this. What is your retirement plan. What will you be doing when your 50. You can only make so much by yourself. I couldn't see how that would be enough to support you the rest of your life.

That's why I think the comment you made if I understand correctly is the dumbest most incorrect comment I've read on this sight. Yes I made $50000.00 -$60,000.00 when I was solo with part time help. I now have a bunch of trucks and bunch of employees. Yes it's a night mare a lot of the time and it takes a lot of money to operate but I make a Hell of a lot more money. I have to be more careful with my money but I do make more.
If you broke even because you have employes only a few things could be the case. You can't run a business
You don't or didn't need employes.
Everyone business model and needs are different. Some of us Solo fellers have other interests also. Im approaching 50 and this is the perfect business for me.

As far as the OP, I can say I know a lot of lawn fellers that have a employee and don't have the income to move out of their parents house. If I were young Id bust my azz 15 hours per day and get my persona and business finances in real good shape before Id even consider hiring anyone.
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