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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Everyone business model and needs are different. Some of us Solo fellers have other interests also. Im approaching 50 and this is the perfect business for me.

As far as the OP, I can say I know a lot of lawn fellers that have a employee and don't have the income to move out of their parents house. If I were young Id bust my azz 15 hours per day and get my personal and business finances in real good shape before Id even consider hiring anyone.
bingo! that's why I bought the new mower last year, new landscape trailer this year, new back pack blowers, and a new dump trailer and some other stuff while I'm living at home and my business related stuff is my only expenses! no employees and lovin it. but yes to answer the OP's question I did have cash flow issues last year and I was making a lot more money or it looked like I was anyways. but I was paying my part time employees too much money. So really I wasn't making much more money then I am this year and I'm doing a little less driving. definitely less work, and much easier on me to not have to deal with anyone else except my customers.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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