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Originally Posted by Southern Heritage View Post
Well I'f I understand this right you plan on not having employes. So let me ask you this. What is your retirement plan. What will you be doing when your 50. You can only make so much by yourself. I couldn't see how that would be enough to support you the rest of your life.

That's why I think the comment you made if I understand correctly is the dumbest most incorrect comment I've read on this sight. Yes I made $50000.00 -$60,000.00 when I was solo with part time help. I now have a bunch of trucks and bunch of employees. Yes it's a night mare a lot of the time and it takes a lot of money to operate but I make a Hell of a lot more money. I have to be more careful with my money but I do make more.
If you broke even because you have employes only a few things could be the case. You can't run a business
You don't or didn't need employes.
Why I appreciate input you an I are not on the same level and you do not know what its like to have a 26-30 week mowing season. Yet I bring in close to a quarter million every year. But lately I realized I could bring that in each year with just my partner and no employees. By shedding the extra work and cherry picking 160 accounts out of our nearly 200. Up here employees cost significantly more a 3 year vet expects 15 an hour. I have 10 year vets so take an average of 17 an hour then times it by 1.5 for ot then add on 20% for wc unemployment ssi and a few others and you see ot quickly exceeds 30 an hour real cost. The market will bare 60 an hour we charge it and it's not enough. Look I understand the faith in the employees make money model is very strong in some yet we now have 9,000,000 fewer jobs than when Obama was sworn in they just do not exist there gone. I may be late in realizing the futility of my employee pursuit but my eyes are open this year.

As for doing this when I am 50 well I am 43 now and work rings around the 18-30 year olds that make up my employee base. I can and will work another 20 years plus in the field and if you feel you aren't capable of that then thats your limitation but I do not happen to share it.
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