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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post

As for doing this when I am 50 well I am 43 now and work rings around the 18-30 year olds that make up my employee base. I can and will work another 20 years plus in the field and if you feel you aren't capable of that then thats your limitation but I do not happen to share it.
I am 59 now. Come next May 60. I remember how my body was when I was 43. It is the rare person that can do what they did at 43and not ache when 59.

If you are not making enough money your employees are not working efficient enough, fast enough, paying them too much, not charging your customers enough, any combination or all of them.

When you get older you will find it hard to keep the same pace. By the time you hit 62 you will need to have your retirement needs met. Whether to cut back hours, have a helper.

Or send out a two man crew and you just handle the management and non field work so they are more productive.

Or make enough money before you hit 62.
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