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Looking For Some Suggestions

Hello everyone.

A little background info first

The fields that we maintain are bermuda (common, Celebration, & T-419 not mixed but on different fields). When I started, our broadcast mix consisted of MSMA, Sencor, Image, and Clean Pasture. We stopped using Image because it was too harsh on the turf. Our Co-op stopped carrying Sencor and they replaced it with Dimetric DF 75%. Then they stopped carrying Clean Pasture and they replaced it with MSM Turf. Our mix now is MSMA, Dimetric DF 75%, and MSM Turf. We spray this twice a year and Round-Up once a year (while the Bermuda is still dormant in late winter).

Now we are about to finish off our MSMA stock. So I am looking for suggested replacements. Something to keep in mind is that we work for a small city (pop. < 5,000), so our budget is small. We have 8 baseball fields, 5 softball fields, 2 football fields, and about 5 acres used for soccer fields(the smallest field is 1 acre) that we take care of. Our biggest problems are sedges, bahaiha, crabgrasses, clovers, and annual bluegrass.

Thanks for all and any input.
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