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Home owner here:

Although my Cheetah is only 8 hour old. I have read many posts about getting the front up for the purpose of changing blades. I want to be prepared when for the time comes.

I have several ways of raising the front of the Cheetah, but I chose to test a pair of steel car ramps for the task.The first thing I did was pul the deck all the way up, and locked.

Then, I placed the ramps by lining them up in front of the caster wheels, I drove the casters forward, and up on the ramps until the casters settled in the ramp wells. I then reached for the ramp's ends, pulling them gently outward, swinging the ends out & away from under the Cheetah. That created ample room to reach under and handle the 9" long blade bolts for the blades.

I then swung the ramp ends back in line to back the casters off the ramps.... it worked very well....and insures me that the front end of the Cheetah is very secure, and won't fall on me.....

NOW remember, I didn't drop the blades. this was just a visually test for the results.

Wilson Boudreaux
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