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A few years back we had to move and leave our home. I hired my wife's young nephew to mow for me. The first time he mowed he did a great job just like I had ask him to do. A few weeks I was back to check house and he was mowing and I noticed his folks parked watching him and he was going so slow it had to take him half a day to finish plus he wasn't mowing like I ask him. I wanted a 3" cut and he was near scalping my yard. I ask what was going on and he said that's the way his dad said to mow. Well I walked over and ask why they told him to mow that way and not how I had ask him to.. They said that way he wouldn't have to mow so often. I told them to please leave him alone as the customer dictates how mowing should be done and that my yard looked like crap. thank goodness they left him alone and he had a good business by the end of summer from word of mouth.

So my advise is have a long sit down with family and convince them that it your business and you will make any pricing decisions.
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