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I don't trim professionally, so a spool lasts me years. I was working on a Stihl X shaped spool of .095 line that was starting to get brittle and annoy the crap out of me. Soaking it in water for a few days made it almost as good as new, but after reading about the Platinum line, I had to give it a try.

I bought a spool of Gator Magnum Platinum in .095 super twist. First thing I noticed was that it was a loose fit in the sockets of my trimmer head. I had to wrap the end of each piece in a turn of masking tape to get it to stay in the trimmer as I wound the spool. Funny, because .095 was always a tight fit in there, so this stuff runs on the thin side. I think that next time I might try .105.

Then I started trimming with it. Against a brick retaining wall, sidewalk, metal fencing and sign posts, all things that would rapidly destroy regular monofilament, this stuff is amazing. I'm getting at least three times as much work done between bumps. And being thinner, it cuts better. I'm not sure if it is quieter, but I can feel that the machine (FS-110) revs up faster, and the line spins faster too. Probably either because the line is thinner, or the super twist shape that is supposed to offer less air resistance. Whatever the secret is, it works great.
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