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After using the machine a good bit I really like it. It's not perfect, but it's a good compromise. It really leaves a fantastic w cut, and stripes pretty well to boot. I really think hydro is the way to go, but I went with belt drive because I was afraid of having to replace pumps and wheel motors. I may learn the tricks to running a gear driven WB and then a hydro might not be an advantage. I'm used to being able to slow down going into a zero turn, but that's a bit tricky with the metro. I have been getting better at slowing down with the brakes. ( I may need to adjust the brakes. They feel like an on/off switch.) It sooooo much gentler on the turf than my ZTR. I have yet to damage turf (even wet turf) with it, which is pretty impressive considering the ham-fisted operator. I'm happy I stepped up to a commercial machine. It gives my customers a more polished look, and that's what they deserve.(most of them anyways...)
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