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I thought the same thing after I got my 36 Metro. I said this is not going to work I need a hydro or a ZTR. After a couple of months I'm now saying just the opposite. I can turn it no problem w/ out having to slow way down and w/ out damaging any turf. I have not experienced any slipping on hills or in the wet like everyone says belt drives will do. I just try to mow all my lawns keeping the machine going forward, making passes to avoid having to go in reverse. I feel I have a very reliable, easy to work on machine that keeps the overhead way down. I need to add a 48" mower next year and I'm seriously thinking about a 48" Metro, but I don't see too many, if any, full time quality LCO's on here that just run WB belt drive so I'm questioning myself. But a 10K machine is allot of lawn mowing to break back even.
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