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Originally Posted by Mow-N-Maniac View Post
Hi. I used Ornamec Over The Top on my Zeon Zoysia on July 1st (today's date is 8-8-13) and I still have injured brown patches of Zoysia where I spot treated. I used the lower rate of application because it was mid summer hoping to avoid phytotoxicity. I live in Zone 7b in the Piedmont in NC and I have irrigation. I don't think my turf is permanently damaged, but it is very slow in recovering. If I rake around in the brown patches, I can see green Zoysia stolons. My question is, can I apply a starter fertilizer to the brown patches and stimulate their repair? I've definitely learned my lesson and will only use Ornamec in the early spring and just before dormancy. Thanks in advance for your answers.
Why did you use fluazifop on zoysia to begin with?
even at the 0.4 oz per gallon rate......the damage to zoysia is critical.

Zoysia species is real slow to repair from any herbicide injury....especially a systemic acting product. Using the organic approach followed by fertilizer will jump start new growth, but until the fluazifop butyl works itself will be next season before anything significant will resume.
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