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I gave a quote on Monday for two yards that are side by side (a daughter and mother). I figured this would take me two hours due to the bigger size of the yard, the amount of edging (corner lot), and amount of trimming around flower beds. Normally I would have quoted $120 for both yards together, but since it is in my subdivision and two yards next to each other I quoted $105 for the pair.

The person they used before me hacked the yard up pretty badly... uneven grass all over the yard... you can follow the uneven grass trails and see exactly the pattern they cut through the whole yard. They edged with a weedeater and left very uneven lines. They scalped the yard in multiple places... it just looked bad. The lady asked if $105 was the best I could do, and I explained to her that I already discounted the price due to the convenience for me and that I couldn't go any lower. She said that worked for her and I got the account.

She told me that the company she had before the hackers did her yard for $45 and her mother's for $40, but they left the business for whatever reason. I gave her the ole "I'm sure if you call around you will find someone cheaper than us, but we will treat your yard as if it were our own and you will be satisfied with our work".

Worked like a charm.... and we will follow through.
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