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Originally Posted by JimsLocalLawn View Post
Your spoiled now! ESC controls on that machine... for a first commercial mower you got the Rolls Royce.

I really think you made a great decision on going commercial. Lots go with residential machines for the price but the quality of cut just isn't there. I lost good clients my first year using residential machines that didn't bag, now I have a commercial walk behind I would NEVER go back. Durability aside, you just can't beat the cut quality of a commercial mower....what I like is the fact that you can adjust everything as it wears, so belts / brakes are tight just like the day you brought it home. I suggest you learn more about the machine so you can maintenance and adjust everything properly. Keeping them belts / brakes tight make a world of difference!!!

Grats and good luck
I'll tell you what, I've never used a WB with pistol grips, but after using the ECS I don't think I ever care to. ECS is a FANTASTIC setup! Very comfortable, and my forearms only took about 3 days of work to stop getting sore from squeezing the brakes. I'm sure the T-Bar is pretty awesome too...

As for the decision to go commercial, I agree with what you said 100%. The quality of cut is head and shoulders above what my Toro Timecutter Z420 could deliver. The eXmark leaves a better cut on wet turf than the Toro did on dry. That's not a rub on Toro, as they make great equipment. I'm just pointing out the difference between residential and commercial mowers. I think it is a poor investment to purchase a residential machine for commercial use. They simply do not stand up well to the abuse, don't cut as well, aren't made to be serviced like commercial units, and kind of make a fella look hackish when that's all that is on his trailer.
(Not that that last bit matters too much, as a person's work ethic and attention to detail can easily overcome most equipment deficiencies... After all, I kept my customers happy for 2 years with a Timecutter and a Ryobi trimmer W/a Poulan Pro edger attatchment. I still use the Ryobi powerhead and Poulan edger attatchment, and will until it dies, but I did upgrade to a Redmax BCZ2460 trimmer.)
I don't think I would hesitate to tell someone just getting started to buy a commercial WB over a high end residential ZTR. I'm 6'6", and I love the commanding view I have from the Velke. If I get big enough to warrant and pay for it, I think I'd like a Wright Stander X or a Toro Grandstand. I can't express how much I like the view I have standing up. Hell, I never even thought of it before! However, I have 4 more semesters of books and tuition to go yet, so I'll probably just end up loving what I have and continue poor-mouthing...

P.S. I saw your trailer setup on another page, and really like it. I have a really nice steel trailer, that was not meant for light duty stuff like hauling mowers, but it does a far better job than any of the smaller trailers I've pulled. It was my dad's, and I got it when he passed. I'm having a buddy of mine that is a recently unemployed welder make a hinged ramp for the back, trimmer racks, and some storage for fuel and other nick nacks. It should be nice when he's done.
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