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Originally Posted by grassmonkey0311 View Post
Prostreet, your area is a hard one. That county is being flooded with illegals. Its hard to compete with them when there are 10 adults living in one house with 10 incomes.

Prices are pretty interesting to compare, its kinda neat to see where everyone is at. 12,000 sq ft lots for me are at $35.

Finally somebody here that knows how our situation is here. I know guys here think we are crazy when I mention the prices we charge but every time we decide to stick to our guns and try to get a little higher price we NEVER get the job. These ultra low prices are not reflected in these guys work either. They do a darn fine job for such cheap prices. I mean they roll up in quad cab F-550 stake body with 20' enclosed and 4 or 5 jump out and knock lawns out silly fast. You very rarely ever see a white guy doing lawn care around here.

Where are you located? All of our work is in montgomery county.
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