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I actually don't live too far away from Oaknut! He is right about the prices, some area's I get $40 for .25 acres while others won't pay anything pass $25 because they get bombarded with flyers for $20 cuts!

I think the difference is these "big outfits" can't get their "big trailers" in neighborhoods like this. They also almost always exclusively use big zero turns - so the clients just expect to pay more.

I swear (out here at least) the bigger equipment you run the less you charge. I get calls all the time for $60 per acre and I can easily get $30-$40 on these tiny lawns..... makes no sense!

I do a lawn that is literally 6 feet by 10 feet, I charge $25 and takes maybe 30 seconds? His yard consist of a pool and the walkway to it - LOL. But since $25 is my minimum and I bag it...he is all too happy to pay me. Last time I was there he got me a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory!
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