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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
It all comes down to the dealer being to lazy to call the area rep. These reps get paid to let LCO's demo. They also get commission if the LCO buys the machine because of the demo.

As far as decks go I have never had two decks cut the same in northern turf. IMO its the hardest to cut wet and fine fescue is the hardest to lift and cut clean. Very few decks cut good here. I do see how some would think bermuda is an equilizer. If its the grass I think it is its just like cutting crab grass.
I should clarify here, we have a lot of Bermuda, but my customers don't want to pay to have it maintained like it should be. Bermuda is a grass that needs to be cut short and often. At least every four to five days in heavy growth season in my experience. Problem is, I have several customers who have Bermuda that only want every other week service, so the Bermuda gets ~ 4" tall before I can get back to cut it. Don't let anyone try and tell you that it is a stiff grass at this point, because it's not. It will lay over and not stand back up very well, and if you add in moisture it only complicates things. This is stuff I'm sure you're aware of, but it's a problem that we face as well with getting our decks to cut well.
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