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Originally Posted by mountainjogger View Post
Also, was pretty commited to going with a Kawasaki engine but am intrigued by the Kohler EFI, have you gotten any feedback on the EFI?

Thanks again!!!
Only ever sold one of them and it was years ago. They are showing up on alot of machines. The newer ones are a bit simpler and cheaper. Not cheaper in a bad way just advances in parts and what not. Toro has been using them for a couple years now. They recently showed up on Ferris and Bobcat. And now my latest Wright price list has some available on X models I think.

I really cant say as Kawasaki rules the market here. I might see 1 Kohler for every 100 Kawasakis...

For home use its going to take the fuel savings a long time to catch up to the initial extra 500-1000 for the machine.

As for the no flat tires, you could always swap them out. If you want comfort though you definitely want the seat and anti vibe stuff in the regular Procat I think. Honestly I have not had an SE in so not sure what all is removed. Mostly sell Procats or Fastcat Pros.
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