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So after about two days of cutting with the swzt I have my opinion on cut quality.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful fan shaped discharge pattern similar to the Velocity deck! The clippings were also on the longer side like the velocity so you will get some carpeting if cutting longer grass. The deck stayed clean through out my demo. I did not get any clumping but did not get a chance to mow any wet grass either. So I do not know how it will do. There is IMO a lot less lift than the velocity deck. I had a hard time getting a clean cut in fine fescue. I started at 3.5" and dropped the deck to 3" and it was more acceptable but not to my standard(which is perfect). In thick lush grass I got an amazing cut with no stragglers at 3" but after 3.5" the quality did drop some(again tells me we need more lift). The deck does need anti scalp wheels as I did get some scalping. My dealer is going to provide feedback to Scag so I hope they can address this.

Getting away from cut quality I do want to comment again that this machine is the smoothest WB I have ever used. It is also the easiest on turf I have ever used. The front end is very light though and I had it come up on me a few times going up hills. I don't know how it will do with a sulky?

So for someone mowing high end smooth properties with thicker grass in the 3"-3.5" range this mower will be amazing for you. For the rest of us I bet some higher lift blades will do the trick!

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