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The mowing game is a funny thing. Guys driving around in 100K setups to mow postage stamps for $30 and the part time lawn service / full time road dept worker gets 2 acres with nothing more than an old 60 ZTR on a 6x10 pulled by a 1500 or mini truck.

I don't care where you are or what the market is, one thing is the same. You are driving to the property 25-30 times or more a season and incurring hundreds of dollars in expenses from machinery to postage stamps and all for what? $800 a year or really about $100 a year profit? Mow and go at bottom feeding prices is insane. Last time I checked it cost us about $30 to pull up to a property, let alone actually take the equipment and use it. The best thing anyone can do in the lawn game is stay on top of their numbers. You may find it is really only sustainable to step up your game.
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