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Ok so you guys brought this back up....but what's the end result?

If you think he hired mexicans to pay them 11.79 per hour...your sadly mistaken
If they are receiving checks for that much, then he is receiving compensation from some program to pay their wages. There is LOTS of government funded payroll programs out there. Most of which pay at least half (if not all) the salary for you, just to hire them!

We have "goodwill industries" out this way that employee's inmates on good behavior for lawn services. They mow state parks and things of that nature. They get no compensation and they work like dogs. They have rigs that would make you look like a lowballer. One trailer they lug around has four 60" Grand Stands, 8 Commercial Trimmers, with 4 backpack blowers. They pay nothing for labor and the state gets their dirty work done for free, all they get is tax incentives / breaks on the profitable sides of their business. They will also pay for your business to hire new workers - they pay half the hourly salary for the first year if you hire through the unemployment office.

It's slave labor anyway you look at it.

I'm more curious on how his idea's turned out. Was the grass greener on that side of the business? I would personally love to hear from him.
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