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Originally Posted by sehitchman View Post
I don't really have a good reason to comment on your region, but here is my story. I cut for my local guy who has some rental properties and I do the crap mows between renters or when they get out of control. I usually get $50 to $70 for a slightly overgrown 1/2 acre. He has a son living in MD, a DC suburb. He just went to visit and I could tell he wanted to discuss my prices. The son just bought a 2 acre property, with house and pool. The property cost 1.8 million. He says while visiting the lawn crew shows up. Four or five guys hop out of the truck and two mowed, one used a push mower around the pool, the other guy started trimming. They did the cut, trim, edge and blow in 15 minutes, at $40. Wholly crap, how can they pay 4-5 guys and put fuel in the truck and equipment. That area has 2 to three times the wealth we do here, and you guys have to work for minimum wage just to compete. I'd never be in this business trying to compete with that.

Amen! Your story backs up what I was saying perfectly! The only way they can do it that cheap is to knock out 30+ lawns a day. I bet they were all hispanic am I right? They tend to live 2 to 3 families in a single house and they all split the rent.
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