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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
Boat guys take the ethanol thing more seriously than guys on this site. Chances are the marina people who answer the phone have no idea what they are talking about
I'm in NY also on the river and I know of no marinas that sell ethanol free(E0). I think it's a matter of what they can make the most money selling. I agree that there are some boaters who take the ethanol issue seriously but for the most part I have the feeling that most around here are ya hoos and will only want to pay the cheapest price to get drunk on the river.

I'm also confused as to what ethanol free actually costs and who's making money. There are stations in upstate NY (Fastrack) that sell 93 ethanol free and the last I looked it was priced lower than the 93 E10 sold downstate where I am. And by the way, every time I went by one there was at least two guys with pickups filling around 10 five gallon gas cans each.
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