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Is Saying Your Lawn & Landscape Company is "The Best" False Advertising?

You have probably seen the Papa Johnís Pizza ads on TV Ė they are everywhere.

ďBetter Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johnís.Ē

Is that false advertising? Pizza Hut thought so and in 1998 took Papa Johnís to court and won. The court ruled they had to stop using the slogan. But Papa Johnís appealed, took the lawsuit to a higher court and won Ė their defense was that it was not false advertising, but rather a matter of personal taste. Iím not exactly sure what that means, but nevertheless, Pizza Hut tried to take it to the Supreme Court and they werenít interested.

So, for the past 15 years, the ads still run.

So why not make a big advertising push for your lawn and landscape company? Instead of the same old same old (professional, insured, experienced, blah, blah, blah), why not shout it out from the roof tops that you are the best?

Risky? Maybe. I mean, Papa Johnís pizza doesnít suck. Iím not sure itís the best, but it seems to have helped them grow their business from $360 million in 1998 to $1.4 billion in 2012. Not bad.

Point is, they put themselves out there. They are willing to say they are the best. It getís peopleís attention. It makes them wonder if it really is the best. If they like it, they stick with it. On top of that, Papa Johnís is not afraid to push the envelope and advertise they are the best anywhere they can.

Try it. If you mow lawns, tell people in your advertising you are the best lawn mowing company there is Ė period. If you provide fertilizing services, tell people their lawns will look better than ever if they choose you. If you offer lighting services, use your advertising to tell your audience that no one else but you can make their home/garden/landscape as good as you will.

Last thingÖ make sure you work hard to actually back up what you are saying. That should go without saying.
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