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I been lucky to be able to demo the SZ HD, Scag Cheetah and TT, and Exmark X this fall. For my grasses, tall, fine fescue, the Velocity and VX4 were both clean cuts with the Velocity getting a slight edge on the HD with slightly better dispersal. I believe this is due to the turbo baffle they use. The X left stingers in the yard unless cutting slow and/or below 3.25" but of course had the best clipping dispersal of the three. I'm looking to buy two new units this coming spring and will only buy an EFI or DFI unit so I hope your right that Hustler is finally coming out with one again. They've been saying this for the last two years, claiming delays due to heat issues. IMHO I think it was more of a $ thing and Hustler sold their soul to Kawi for thousands of carb engines cheap. My hope is the HD and/or Cheetah will be available with EFI/DFI
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