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Thinking of doing a small side seal coat job - need feedback

I run a mowing & maintenance company, from time to time I get requests to put down a seal.

I've decided to bid on one, I am not asking for a price I know what I need to make to keep my business going and what my cost of operation is per hour, so thats not what I am asking.

I know Lowes, homedepot, etc. have driveway sealers - I am in no way interested in using this products, I am looking on recommendations for higher end products perhaps 3 year warranties tar based? I don't really like the gel sealants.

My overall idea to complete the job:

Pressure wash off the existing driveway, blow it fairly dry (i have br600s and a giant-vac push blower).
Cover all areas I don't want to stain black (steps etc.) with plastic/wrap.

It can be somewhat damp whenever I apply the sealant, but I plan on applying it with squeegees in a right to left, side to side, motion from top to bottom.

Use a 10" or 24" soft bristle brush for edges. Thinking 10" soft to help minimize brush marks.

Am I fairly correct on my procedure?

If so, I guess the only question I really have is what are some other brands of sealant I should be looking at?
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