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How about ground nests? Last season, I did not get stung one time. This season, I think I've been nailed four or five times. Today was the worst. I can't count them all, but about 10 total, in four different places. I hit the nest with the trimmer, and they were really aggressive. I kept backing off, and a couple of them stung me at least 30 feet away.

I returned to this property on Saturday evening. The nest was still very much alive. But, I saw something I've never seen before. Next to the nest was a dead skunk. The skunk must have approached the nest, and those critters nailed it good enough to result in expiration. Of all the nests I've seen dug out, I have never seen the nest attacker getting the bad end of the stick. They always seem to walk away with the goods (e.g. combs of honey), and the nest is barren. I did find a nest elsewhere on the property of this exact scene -- alive last week, but now barren, with only a freshly dug hole to show.

When I got stung, I thought they were especially aggressive. I guess the skunk found the same thing, and lost its life in the process.

Anybody else see an attacker get the short end of the stick with these nests?
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