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Since you are going to work out of a F250, Here is what I suggest:
1. 200 Gallon Space Saver Spray Rig with Hannity Electric hose reel, lawn gun with yellow tip and 400' of 3/8" hose from GNC Industries. They will tell you that 400' will not fit on the reel but they tell me that everytime too and I have to remind them that all three of my rigs have 400' on them. I would also spend the extra $300 and have a key start put on the rig but you dont have to. This rig will fit in the back of your truck up next to the cab.
GNC Industries - 1-800-462-2005 Ask for Mark.
I have 3 of their sprayers and will not buy any other type. A lot of places sell their sprayers but you can buy it from them directly and they ship it straight to you.

2. Lesco Spreader $300. I would buy the larger spreader just because of the larger tires. $100 more

3. A couple of Backpacks. I use Solo, but there are several different types out there. $80-100 each.

You should be able to get started with the equipment at a good price. $4,000-$5,500 depending what options you go with.
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