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Re: Big Decision

Originally posted by smokymoose
Hey Fellas,
I have always heard when you turn a hobby into a business you lose some of the appeal. I am intrested in what were the bigest changes you all encountered when this went from a hobby into a profession.
It became a JOB instead of a hobby. Instead of being able to plant and work with unique plants to get your desired effect you have to consider your time involved and the customer's budget. Instead of enjoying your green lawn with nice straight lines and detailed beds while having a beer on the deck afterwards it becomes "hurry on to the next one".

The creative factor tends to dive since everything is dollar driven. And then you realize you have to get to work by to get the days work done, and you tend to feel it is PITA just like other jobs.

I really think it would be better for someone who didn't 'enjoy' lawn work to be in it as a business. BUT that has its problems too. So I think it's a matter of recognizing it won't be like the hobby fun anymore and then having a different hobby.

Also I found myself not enjoying time-off. Always thinking about the WORK. Go to a different town for vacation or a weekend and you want to tour nurseries while wife wants to go for a bike ride...

But I still enjoy green stuff! And there's a reason for that..
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