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Originally Posted by farmershawn View Post
I definitely do not think you are over-doing it, I think you need to step UP a class in mowers. I just bought my very first ZTR last week.

I have 4-acres of lawn, and a couple acres of field that I mow as part of the lawn but it is of course quite a bit rougher.

I also am going to mow my two (2) 10-acre cow pastures several times a year (today for the first time).

I could not afford enough new mower. Ferris IS2000, Snapper Pro 200xt, Kubota Z200/300, Scag Tiger Cat, Bad Boy Outlaw, etc...

As a 49-year old the Ferris IS2000 appealed to me the most with the suspension system. The Snapper Pro 200xt was definitely the most bang-for-the-buck (big motors, ICD deck, iron spindles, ZT5400 trannys).

I started checking Craigslist in the Shreveport area looking for a "big, burly, commercial ZTR" and found a 220 hour, very well maintained, Kubota ZG227 with a 54" deck for $5,500. Used (Tractorhouse) they run $6250 to 8K. At the dealer they run 8-10K. I drove two-hours one way and bought it.

I am very, very pleased with my purchase.

The 4-acres of yard were a breeze, high speed, clean as a whistle. Sweet.

I crept through an acre or so of 5-6' tall (no kidding) pasture weeds yesterday in front of my barn/one of the houses. Jungle-crazy-thick. Then made a couple more passes to get it smooth.

I also blasted about an acre of cow pasture as the sun was fading, no problems at speed when it was smooth enough to do so. Normal knee high pasture weeds and grass (kept relatively short by my herd).

I definitely needed all the ZG227 has to offer in terms of power and robust build-quality (it's a freakin' tank).

IMO, and I am not an expert but recently in your shoes, you need to step UP a level from what you are looking at in terms of machines.

Find a homeowner, low hour, well maintained machine, pay the same money as a brand-new smaller machine, and get a bigger, stronger, unit.

Best of luck to you. Hope this helps.
Farmershawn, about those pasture weeds..... My husband and I go round and round about using the ZTR out in the pasture. (He says no and I say yes!) Granted, we had a Toro Timecutter, which is hardly a field tractor, but still. Are you concerned about tearing up the ZTR doing that? I guess the main issue would be rough ground, more hours, and maybe lots of heat from trying to chomp through that stuff? What about if you hit a tree branch or something like that in those high weeds?

Just wondering if you can give me any talking points to use!
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