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Originally Posted by mountainjogger View Post
Demo'd the bobcat pro cat 52 with the Kawasaki FX730 for about 1 hour today Last week I demo'd a Big Dog x-1052 with the FX691 for about 10 hours. Both have 12cc pumps.

Bottom line, and it is kind of like the difference between a mini-cooper and a mustang.

The Procat rides smoother over my bumpy field at high speed and the steering seems to drift less. Overall it seems like a heavier built machine.

The Big dog is quicker to respond steering wise and seems like a lighter built machine.

It might be my imagination, but it seemed like the Big Dog shot threw the clippings further and that the Procat mulched some of the clippings. Both cut nice.

Both did fine on my hill.

By the time you figure in tax, the Bobcat is about $800 more.

Still debating this.
Please don't let $800 stop you from having what you believe is best for your situation, you only make this life trip once, don't let $800 cause you to ponder how it could have been.
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