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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
Organic... a general term. Natural? Synthetic organic? How synthetic? Any more, most companies that sell "natural" organic fertilizer synthetically modify their products.

"Natural" organic fert can contain dangerous pathogens, contaminants and hazardous dust particles.

Manure runoff often causes many lakes & rivers "off limits" for swimmers.

We stopped offering "natural fertilizers" some years back because we were concerned about health issues. We prefer to use professional products designed to be used in the green industry. Too many folks have children, grandchildren, dogs, cats, etc. Customers also prefer non smelling products.

We offered natural organic fert on a trial basis. Now we use clean products that work, don't smell, don't contaminate, and homeowners can walk on their lawn immediately (granular) or when it dries (liquid).

my 2 cents after 35 years

p.s. The day care centers who are customers also prefer non-organic because they have googled (after my recommendation)
You know which "organic" I mean. A long time ago, I mentioned that making a client's property look or smell like a water treatment plant, stable or barnyard was not how I worked anyway. Only exception to that rule is kelp emulsion or the non pathogenic liquid biostimulants. BTW Milorganite is not legal in Hawaii. Too many heavy metals. C&C as well as many golf courses do spread sewage solids, then get the complaints.

It does not make economic sense for me either. I am not in the business of making compost. Any time I want to use it, I have to buy it. Get lots of broadleaf weeds free in that stuff as part of the bargain. On the other hand, I use clean liquid mixes that cost $5 or less per 1000. Reference that to the fact that any fertilizer starts at around $25 a bag, something containing coated urea is anywhere from $35-60 per bag.
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