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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
Please don't let $800 stop you from having what you believe is best for your situation, you only make this life trip once, don't let $800 cause you to ponder how it could have been.
Thanks for reminding me of that.

My wife said it too, albeit less kindly "Don't be an idiot."

But in fairness to me, I started looking at the quasi commercial, about $6400 before tax, then looked at a lower end full blown commercial, about 7800 before tax, and now I am looking at a nice commercial, about 8500 or 8600 before tax.

My buddy, who has mown professionally for over 10 years, says it will take me 9 hrs of ztr time to completely mow our place once I get used to the machine. Since some of the areas are only mowed every two weeks, I figure about 120 to 150 hrs per year. At 55 yrs old, a good machine could last me the rest of my life.

As you said, I doubt I will make this purchase again. And do not want to be thinking about what I could have purchased.

Thanks for the reminder.

And by the way, nice picture of the dogs.
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