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Nematodes are certainly a possibility but, it our experience, the nematodes typically take some time to develop damaging populations. Additionally, the damage / symptoms are sporadically occurring throughout the lawn. We have pulled some samples and sent them up to the Nematology lab. Some come back with Lance, Sting or Stubby Root, but without pattern or correlation to actual sites.The problematic UltimateFlora lawns went south from the get-go, and the symptoms were widespread. Additionally, this is usually muck grown sod and thus totally different from our sand based soils. One could conjecture that during the UltimateFlora breeding and development process some root involvement has occurred that (in the field) interferes with root initiation, development and tack-down. Our bottom line take away (so far) is that UltimateFlora is not a desirable variety for this locale. The Empire variety seems best for here primarily because it can tolerate rotary mowings... which is what is most often employed. I'd prefer to see reel mowers used, but it's not likely to become a widespread trend. As Greg stated Jamur is showing up and seems quite nice also.
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