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Originally Posted by ddlandscaping View Post
I was kinda shocked by some of the low prices, the lowest has been 14 cents per square the highest has been 40 cents per square. Like today I bidded on a 8,260 sq ft driveway, I was going to charge 2,155 (.25 per square) and I was taking 50 dollars off cause i'm just starting out, I wanna build a nice customer base, so anyway someone else bid 1,200.
I am not in the biz, but I assume the guy that quoted $1,200 has the right equipment, ie sprayer etc. I was going to do my own 9k sq ft drive way, but if I bought the sealer in buckets, and did it my self, I would have only saved about 2-300 dollars. They tell me you use a lot more material with the bucket and brush method. If you are a bucket and brush guy, you may want to stick to the smaller drive ways
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