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Originally Posted by ddlandscaping View Post
I was kinda shocked by some of the low prices, the lowest has been 14 cents per square the highest has been 40 cents per square. Like today I bidded on a 8,260 sq ft driveway, I was going to charge 2,155 (.25 per square) and I was taking 50 dollars off cause i'm just starting out, I wanna build a nice customer base, so anyway someone else bid 1,200.
Residential I say he is right on with 1200 and no crack fill. Commercial depending on how big and prep can go from .11 to .14 sqf. I know some who are bidding commercial at .16 a sqf. and not getting any of those jobs. Stick with residential for starters and get used to putting the material down, weather spraying or hand brush, you will make mistakes and you will splash it on walk way and walls. Always work the material so your brush or squeegee wont fling it, move slow until you feel comfortable with it.
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