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Got it. Too much P is just as bad as not enough. Lawns that have gotten too much 10-30-10 or 16-15-15 then have problems with micronutrient deficiencies. It is amazing how well grass grows when the fertilizer program includes monthly applications of liquid micronutrients. You know, I hate it when a zoysia variety is advertised as "can be mowed with a rotary". Those varieties that "can be mowed with a rotary" look better when cut with a reel at 1-11/2". Unless someone is keeping a lawn wet at night or it is raining constantly, I do not see large patch on zoysia in Hawaii. The only people that seem to have disease problems are the ones that have zoysia kept at over 11/2". A low cut reduces humidity in the turf canopy. Zoysia leaves are always very fibrous. Especially if the grass is on a starvation fertility program. What that means is shredding of the tips when mowing. Rotary mowers are dulled within seconds of use. The sand being vacuumed up into the blades hastens that process. Worse than that is usage of string on zoysia. A dull reel or a reel set for no contact and all of the relief angle cut off the blades is equally destructive. A reel set for zero contact and no relief is dull in an hour or two. That method of reel set up works on a golf course where the golf mechanic re grinds the blades every week and they are cutting bent or bermuda.
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