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Thanks Guys for the comments on My Set up.

Yeah, I almost bought Earth & Turf. I think they make great machines and I was going to head down to GIE Expo last year. I had talked to the guys at Earth & Turf and was excited to see their machines. They told me that they were going to make a version to compete against Ecolawn. So I decided to call Ecolawn and see if there was some place to demo their machine. I saw their rep. worked in Wheaton, IL and his name is Keith Schuler.

So I thought Wheaton is a lot closer than Kentucky. Called Keith and he said that they had a new machine that had dual wheels up front. Could handle and spread wet material better than a single wheel. The single wheel can spread, but the coverage, evenness, and width is good....but with the dual wheel set makes spreading that much quicker and easier coverage. And for what was $500.00 more (I think) for the dual, new machine, it was a no brainer for me.

Keith brought his Ecolawn 200 up to my house, and once I saw it in action....I was sold!!! Went to the credit union and gave him a check, and off he went.

But I would hesitate on Earth & Turf. I think they make great machines....but so far the Ecolawn has performed amazing and works for my limited space for traveling. I carry tools, rakes, shovels, and other hand tools in the rear of my pickup truck....never anything big like large mowers, compost spreaders, etc....that's what a trailer is for (just my thinking). I try to keep my appearance clean when coming and returning from a customer's house.

And if you get into larger jobs, Earth & Turf is the way to go. Their machines can handle larger loads of compost....but that would be a whole another set....which I'm not there yet?!?
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