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What brand and type of turf sprayer would you recommend?

I am going to purchase a sprayer. I'm looking at skid type to go in the bed of a pickup or on a stake body. I would like some suggestions on type and brand.
I hear the Reddick sprayers are very good and they are highly recommended.
Question I can use answers for from experienced users.
1. Is it worth spending more money for the diaphragm pump compared to the centrifugal pump?
2. Tank size? I know it depends on area I will be spraying. Most are 1/4 to 1/2 acre lots, but may have some larger areas.
3. Manufacture? Is one brand better than others? And, is it worth the money to purchase one brand over another?
4. Hose length? Again, I know it depends on lot size. But would do you recommend. 200', 300'?
5. Automatic or manual hose reel?

Thank you for your advice
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