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I have had one for a few months now and its no longer on the truck, it wasn't saving us any time on the size yards we mostly do(5000-8000 sq ft lots) and because of the wider deck, it doesn't follow the contours as well as the 21 so I pulled it off, the blades are little cheesy POS's I bought 6 extra blades and after a few sharpenings on the magnamatic, they are almost trash... yesterday we had a tornado of broken 21's so I swapped the 30 out with the guys and they said it wasn't as fast as when it was new, so sure enough if you power brake it, the right wheel spins the left does not... But it is new, and I expected there to be a couple hiccups. The things I do like on it tho, the height adjustment is nice(also the reason I'm going to switch all our 21's over to Exmarks) the side discharge, mulching, and bagging set up is nice, it bags like a champ!! Mulches meh, okay... not great, but I love the cheap simple mulch plug over the toro 21 contraption!

Overall, I think this mower would be perfect for someone who has a lot of midsized yards and isnt ready to put a 500lb 36 on the ground yet, I don't think the BOP mowers arereal commercial, so with that being said this is a nice step closer to a larger commercial mower that isn't in the thousands. But for 10-20k ft lots, that are pretty flat, and are mowed weekly this is nice! The cut needs to be better IMHO for the lawns we cut.

edit: For those concerned about the power plant, one thing I haven't had a problem with is this mower being underpowered, it's done a great job at the overgrown properties we've taken on!! I am in Dallas tho, so St Augustine, Bermuda, and weeds are all we see.
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