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Need advice on how to protect new seedlings from upcoming scorcher.

I'm REALLY PO'd at our weatherman!! Early last week he excitedly predicted mild weather, 65-80 degree days, partly cloudy with occasional showers midweek for the remainder of Aug and into Sept. I made the collosal mistake of actually believing him and re-seeded my front yard (10k sq ft) last saturday with a somewhat costly Falcon TTTF blend.

Forecasts now show highs in upper 90's for the next 2 weeks. With my seedlings down and just starting to pop though, i need recommendations on how to keep the sprouts from getting completely scorched. I have two 2-zone hose timers that I have set for 15 minutes every 4 hours (the most frequent setting) during daylight hours. Will this be enough to keep the ground cool/moist? Any other tips? (I can't afford 10,000 sq ft of shade cloth.)
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