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Originally Posted by Bigred350 View Post
I'm in the market for a 2 man auger for planting shrubs on a hillside. What's the best brands out there. And what's better 2 stroke or 4 stroke?
Just thought I'd throw this out..... have you used a 2 man auger to plant shrubs on a hillside? If you have and it worked out OK for you then read no further. We did a job several years back where we planted about 5 acres of hillside from 1 and 5 gallon shrubs, 3 to 4 feet on center. In theory we thought that a two man auger would make short work of the job but it ended up being a bigger pain in the ass than we thought. The big issue was the weight of the machine and the effort involved in moving it around on the slope. Luckily we rented an auger before we bought one so we quickly figured out that it was not a good option for us BEFORE we bought an auger of our own. We found that it was much quicker and easier to just dig the holes by hand.
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