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Nope. The organic compost will settle fairly quickly. I ask the customer to cut their yard down to 3 inches. This way once I'm done spreading and seeding the compost can fall through the grass...thus helping with most tracking problems from the organic compost.

Dead/dormant areas I will ask the customer to not cut those areas for two to three weeks. These are the areas that I will put down extra compost. This way it gives the grass a good change to get started before any foot traffic or mower wheels mess up the ground. Once the customer gets a good rain or a heavy sprinkling almost any compost that was sitting on the grass gets washed down the the ground and billions of microorganisms come to life once water is added. Then those microorganisms start to eat dead thatch and grass clippings which will produce Nitrogen. Thus making the grass grow, increase grass roots, help thicken their yard, which help reduce weeds and disease in due time.

I would think of drag matting if I were to:

1. Core Aerate
2. Organic Compost Spread
3. Broadcast Seed
4. Follow up with Milogranite
5. Drag Mat

The reason I would drag mat if I did all these steps listed above in one day at a customer's house. The drag matting would help by breaking up the core aeration plugs and this would help some with leveling. But it might be too much of a muddy mess with the cores and organic compost for most people's liking. They usually have a hard time staying out of their yard for two weeks. And they might worry about what the neighbors might think??? With a mess like that....but in the long run...I think it would be wonderful for their yard. A little thinking out of the normal box.

For me, that would be two trips to a customer's house, which I've thought about but never done this for anyone. I should try it in my yard so I could see what would happen...but I don't think I could keep the boys out of the yard that long without their shoes turning into a muddy mess. Which My wife would be all over me.
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