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Originally Posted by cnymowing View Post
I was wearing timberland pro's but they would just fall apart in a couple months.

I switched to redwings about 3 years ago... they were the most comfortable footwear I had ever worn. I was getting a year out of a pair until the leather would crack (I'm lead to believe it was from the concrete dust kicking off the demo saw while cutting)

This past spring I went to the boot store to buy my annual pair, and the model that I had been wearing was discontinued... I tried on the pair that the salesman told me was taking the old model's place, they felt like they just needed to get broken in, so against my better judgment I dropped about $225 on them.

Long story short... Worst pair of boots I've owned. the tongue in them doesn't have the padding that my old ones had (I don't think any redwings have a padded tongue anymore) so I get blisters on my lower shins, the insole is super hard, and they must have changed what the seal or treat the inside of the boot with, because I get the most painful rash on my feet if I wear them for more than 12 hours. I wouldn't pay $20 for these boots, let alone $225 again. Its almost like the boots refuse to break in, even after multiple oilings
What model of boot you got
Last 2 models I owned has padded tongue
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