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Originally Posted by rowdyz92 View Post
YEP! I have no idea how the person who is doing it now affords to do it for $50, maybe there equipment is much much older and they have no payments, maybe there not paying any taxes on their income and probably not paying for business insurance either.
What makes me really mad is the woman acted all snobby and said that I needed to adjust my prices to stay competitive, so i just said "thanks goodbye". People have no idea the overhead it takes to do this type of work!

That reminds me of a customer that I once had. He is a car salesman and in the winter asked if I would like to start cutting his yard. So I said yeah I can and well he said the cut that was cutting it started to leave burn marks in the yard and he told me it was be ause of the mower blades. Which seemed pretty strange to me but anyways I said ok and he said that the old guy was doing it for $25 and also did my hedges once a month and I kid you not the first thing that went through my mind was how the heck can he afford to cut a corner lot for that much. Well I agreed with him and took it on and was thinking how hard could this be. Well I'm not one to run off and just stop cutting it completely you know. I told him I would do it so I always stick to my word. Then one day he called me and said, " let me ask you something and I said ok and he said do you think I'm asking to much of you and I said well yeah I mean you want me to cut your yard weekly and do the hedges once a month and Ihave no problem doing that for the rest of the season bbecause I told you I would. And he said well how much would you normally charge and I said well it's a corner lot and that's normally $50. And he said man I cant afford tjat and I said well man im sorry *best feeling I ever had when I said that* and he said well I think im going to just buy a riding mower and do it myself. I said ok that's fine and was thinking how could he get a riding mower through his 38inch gate. So a day went by and I got another call from him and he said that her got 3 people to give him quotes and I said ok. Then he began to said 2 guys were $40 and one was $45 and I just said ok. Long story short learn from this lesson that there are moochers out there like Scott. Sorry for long post/venting KCCO

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