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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
What desirable grass, if any is left. St Augustine?

If I honestly had the money, St. Augustine would by far be my route to go. But from my understanding, St. Augustine can only be done on sod correct me if I'm wrong? Even though St. Augustine appears to do fairly decent under large shade tree's and is definitely heat tolerable, I just can't afford to sod the whole yard being that I'm getting ready to start school back up and don't have the funds to cover a full yard in sod. I am planning to do a blend of some type of fescue. I know it's a cool season grass, but it seems it would do excellent under a large oak tree, correct me if I'm wrong again. Also, I know it's a cooler season grass, however I am putting in irrigation. As far as being high foot traffic I'm not too concerned as our yard won't have much traffic. From what I've read it seems as if I keep the Fescue irrigated year around I should be able to hold on to the Fescue in my conditions, even in the heat. Does this sound right to you?

According to my local agriculture center there are particular blends of fescue that will make it through the summer and definitely do excellent in the shade. Does this all sound correct to you, or am I looking at things completely backwards once again??

Check out these links and let me know what you think? Thank you for your response!


I look forward to hearing any advice you guys have to offer. And I definitely appreciate the recommendation about the St. Augustine. I honestly know that's my BEST bet, but I simply can't afford it.

Thanks again for the help and your time!
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