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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
What desirable grass, if any is left. St Augustine?
Also, as far as anything being left. The lawn was about 50/50 or 60/40 of weeds-grass. After applying the broad leaf killer I'm left with less than 50% of the grass. If I was to take a more accurate guess, I was left with about 30% of the lawn which was "actual" grass.

I decided to start all over and remove all the weeds and current grass and start from pure soil. I played around a little today and went ahead and knocked it all the way down to the soil and removed all the old grass, weeds, etc. I have a half of a lawn of solid soil now.

After removing everything, I honestly don't see adding 4-6" of lome. Especially being that the lawn seems to have plenty of soil built up above the sidewalk level. I'm contemplating on adding a top layer of about 1" lome, all the way around, and mixing in a yard or two of compost, then seeding, and applying straw.

After scalping the yard to the dirt, the soil seems sandy and extremely compacted? Any ideas for this? Should I still avoid tilling? Will the compost and loam possibly help loosen up the current soil?
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