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Not sure with what equipement to start with


I'm working full time (50-60 hrs) during the week in lawn care as an employee. I'd like to start to work for myself after work and during the weekend doing some power washing. So there is not so many hours involved for the equipement I would be buying.

I would like to wash patio, fences, roofs, gutters, hardscapes. As for the moment, only residential stuff. We have about 1000 residential customers at the co I work for so I think this will be my area of business.

I'm not sure about what equipement I should be buying. I need to buy from John deere. I have an eye on the premium series cold water medium duty 3000 psi honda or subaru engine.

OR I should have a lower psi with commercial series heavy duty the 1500 psi or the 2700 psi.

I've heard you should not use more than 500-1000 psi on a house so I'm getting a lot interested in the 1500 psi one.

What's your opinion.
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