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In the first paragraph of that article the author talk's about fescue's survivability in the northern part of Texas. The map in the article show's a fescue zone about 200 mile's north of your location. Fescue need's about 4 hour's of direct sunlight at a minimum and good air movement. You have fence's blocking the air and tree's blocking the sun. I don't think fescue is going to work for you. Austin is just too far south for cool season grass, even with automatic irrigation. I think you would just waste your time and money with that. St. Augustine sprig's would be your best bet, you might be surprised how quick you could get it to fill in with irrigation. Check your local golf course's, they might be throwing away piles of st. aug every year, all you would have to do is get it to the house. Remember, warm season grass get's planted in the spring, which for you would be about the 2nd week in March. Good luck.
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