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Here was my findings this year. A $10 employee would cost me $15. Now for me they would have to make $308 to break even on a day. That's one truck. If I ran 2 in a truck I am looking at around $480 a day in a w0 hour day. $40 a man hour would run you into the ground in a hurry at $10 a hour wages. At $15 a hour I would think your looking at around $22 a hour employee cost. So now for me I'd be at $370 a day for one person and $700 for 2. At those wages I'd think you need to be charging $60 a hour min and be trying to get $80 a hour.

I think my math got a little sour in that, but I think you catch my drift. Break even would be $650 for 2 guys, that's $32.5 a hour averages. That's break even. So 60-80 a hour to make it profitable.

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