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Originally Posted by Stars & Stripes Landscaping View Post
Getting started into the business next year (Spring 2014), need to acquire equipment and am looking to get the items listed below.

String Trimmer
Bed Redefiner
Pole Hedge Trimmer

Just going on the STIHL website if I bought each piece individually...

FS90R - 330
FC90 - 360
HL100K - 500
Total : 1,190 (not including bed redefiner)
Echo PE266S - 400 (Bed Redefiner)

Total with definer would be 1,590

now if I were to get the Kombi System....

KM110R - 350
FBD-KM - 260 (Bed Redefiner)
FS-KM - 100 (String Trimmer)
FCS-KM - 190 (Edger)
HL-KM - 260 (Pole Trimmer)
Total : 1,160

I guess the main question is, what are some cons of the KombiSystem?
There's no real cons. We abuse ours everyday. However, I would get a dedicated string trimmer and use the Kombi for the other things you need.
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